Erik Martin

Erik Martin

Obsessed with online communities & helping people on their career journey. Previously @nike, @depop, @wework, @reddit

Chief Community Officer

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Erik Martin is a community management expert who has led teams at Nike, reddit, Depop, Airtime, & WeWork. He's currently the Chief Community Officer at Teal, a membership platform to help enable meaningful careers. Prior to Teal, he was a Lead Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Nike.

Erik was the longtime General Manager at reddit and the company’s 5th employee. As noted in the recent book about reddit, We Are The Nerds, "Martin was the company’s first nontechnical leader and managed to create a cohesive group and grow it into a strong if scrappy creative force...Martin quickly became an empowering boss. In the eyes of his employees, he was honest, compassionate, and creative. He encouraged employees to explore new concepts by giving them tools to learn, and then challenging them to produce something that would benefit the site or its community."

He’s been named one of the world’s 100 most influential people by Time Magazine and a top 50 innovator by Adweek. In a profile, The Washington Post said this about Erik, "It can’t be understated how poorly Martin fits the start-up culture stereotypes: the extravagance, the arrogance. He’s not overtly extroverted or introverted; he’s a quietish, funny, normal dude." Before his internet addiction fully took hold, he worked as an aspiring documentary filmmaker, and then transitioned to marketing documentary and independent films. Erik was born in Switzerland, grew up in Chapel Hill, NC, and lives in Portland, OR. 

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